TimeGate 2008

 | May 26, 2008 3:01 pm

We just got back from TimeGate 2008 here in Atlanta, Ga.  This was their first year with a full con.  The past two years it has been a one day event at a local lodge.  This year they broke the mole and went for a full 4 day con, taking advantage of Memorial Day.  Overall it was a good little con.  We are not huge Dr. Who or Stargate fans, so during the day it got a little dull for us, but I can’t complain about anything at this con.  Registration was great, there were loads of panels, the video room was always running and there were a few parties as well.  The con suite should get some major praise due to the work of Terresa and her team.  Only recommendation I could make would be to show the original Stargate movie sometime during the weekend.

Pictures are in the Events section here.

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