MTAC: The Con that Never Ends or Swim Con

 | May 7, 2010 9:28 pm

ADA attended our very first Middle Tennessee Anime Con the weekend of May 1st.  Unfortunately, Nashville also experienced a 100 year flood that same weekend.

We were extremely fortunate that our inconvenience was nothing more than having to stay over one more day and deal with no water in the hotel Monday morning.  Many of our friends and associates were not so lucky.  Several experiences unimaginable losses to personal items, props, vehicles and homes for those locally affected.  Our hearts go out to them all.  Nashville has been much harder than most people think based on the lack of media coverage given by major news outlets.

MTAC itself:  MTAC was AWESOME.  While it certainly has a few issues (IE really small dealers room considering the size of the con) it was a blast.  We’ve never been to an Anime Con that seemed so focused on the over 18 fans.  Many Anime Cons dumb everything down for the under 18 crowd, but MTAC was a no holds barred if you’re over 18 lets have some fun kind of con.  Risqué Cosplay Contest anyone?  Not to mention a wildly enjoyable and massive Rave that was not afraid to call itself exactly what it was, a Rave.

As of right now, we are definitely considering going again next year.  MTAC 2011 will be on Easter, so that may play into our thinking a bit, but it was just so much fun with the outdoor all day Friday rave, speedy costume contest, rave, panels, etc.  Not to mention the fantastic OVER THE TOP excellence shown by the volunteers who stayed over through Monday to entertain and provide activities for those literally stranded at the hotel by the flood.

I wanted to throw out a special thanks to Derek DeWeese for his help in getting me amazing access to the con for my photo bug side.  Thanks!

Pictures, soon.  Video of a few minutes from the Rave, now! (Yes, everyone is over 18, heh.)

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