DragonCon Pictures!!!!!!

 | September 10, 2012 9:49 pm

What an amazing DragonCon this year. Literally the best DragonCon for us in several years. Not that the others were bad, but this year we took it easy and did a bit more costuming. I (Jimmy) didn’t take as many pics as normal and no real formal photoshoots, but I did take a few shots you can find in the gallery at http://www.angrydogstudios.com/?page_id=109&g2_itemId=11805.

DragonCon has some serious challenges with attendance they are going to have to face before next year. I said the same last year, but this year it was painfully crowded at times. The Marriott was starting to do the same things the Hyatt started years ago with asking people to keep moving. If DragonCon doesn’t make major strides to resolve this by next year I’m worried they will lose control of the situation all-together.

The hotels are already showing some early signs of putting in new policies to control the room process. Expect to pay up front at the time of reservation for the first night. Expect to NOT be able to transfer rooms or DragonCon badges. One other policy I’ve heard of is the name on the reservation has to the be same as the name on the credit card when you check into the room. So if you book a bunch of extra rooms for your unconfirmed friends, you are going to pay for the first night upfront and you’ll have to put their rooms on your card during the con.

It will certainly be interesting times next year. Still…..best con in the world.

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