Con Nooga 2013

 | March 20, 2013 9:07 pm

So we’ve not had a lot of luck with ConNooga over the years. It is officially our Jinxed Con every year. Hoping we would break that curse this year didn’t work out so well. In 2011 both of us got a very serious case of food poisoning at the hotel. In 2012 I (Jimmy), experienced serious enough issues that I ended up in the emergency room that Sunday morning. This year, Brandi slipped and twisted her ankle Friday morning as we were leaving the house. She was barely able to walk at all over the weekend.

The con itself is changing. This year it split locations between the Chattanooga ChooChoo and the Marriott Convention Center. It really needs to just move to the Convention Center. The Marriott Convention Center is a great location with a nice hotel attached. Going there felt like a more classic convention. The ChooChoo location is too spread apart and forces you to walk in the cold and rain or snow all weekend. Though we may just skip this con next year due to the curse, I really hope it moves 100% to the convention center going forward.

I took a handful of pictures over the weekend. Please enjoy!

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