Con Nooga 2011

 | February 21, 2011 12:22 am

We just got back from Con Nooga 2011. I’m going to be working on pics and getting them posted in the next day or two.

The con was good and the room parties were amazing this year. Congratulations to the Con-Tourage group for winning this years room party contest. I’d like to give a personal honorable mention to the Holidays are an Excuse to Drink party group as well.

More later as we settle back in. Perhaps a bit of a rant about what went down with the “Face Off” style contest on Sunday. The group that should have won got robbed in what has to be one of the worse “they were too good” judging screw-ups I’ve ever seen. No offense meant to those who won, but when there is an audiable gasp from the audience when the winner is announced, you know something didn’t go the way it should have.

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