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Star Trek Creation Atlanta

 | March 24, 2016 12:04 am

Ok, so this one I went to on a whim, but Star Trek Creation Atlanta turned out to be a great way of getting back to my roots as a Star Trek fan.  This was a very last minute show for Creation.  As I understand it, till just a couple of months ago this was a con for a whole different fandom, but it fell through and they quickly put together a Star Trek con.  Considering the small crowds, they had some amazing guests.  William Shatner alone was worth it.  But for me, the best part was seeing the actors that played Rom, Nog, Martok and Gowron in their original costumes and make up.  I’ve wanted to experience that for 17 years and finally got to see it.  Just amazing.  ~ Jimmy

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AthCon 2016

 | 12:00 am

Brandi and I went up to Athens as guests for AthCon this year with our Jurassic Park Jeep.  We took some time to take a few shots of Brandi’s Judge Anderson costume while we were there. ~ Jimmy

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Days of the Dead Con

 | March 23, 2016 11:56 pm

Catching up on some recent cons.  It has been a bit crazy hitting up four cons in 5 weeks.  Days of the Dead is a horror con here in Atlanta.  Small, but great crowd.  I took a few pics of some of the 501st guys, but was mostly there to shop around. ~ Jimmy

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 | February 10, 2016 10:28 am

We seem to have lost some posts.  All our 2015 stuff is just…poof…gone!  Oh noes!  No worries.  I’ll share a few pics from the year.

Where to begin?  This was a busy year for us as we brought a new addition into the replica prop family.  The amount of money and time this took to get into shape ate up a large part of our year.  Brandi was still able to run out a few new costumes and updates, but Jimmy’s attention was all here.  Bill has been concentrating on getting his 3D printing and CNC skills up to date and should have some amazing stuff coming in 2016.  We also added Jess Winans to our formal list of members.  She has long been one of ours, but I just want to make sure her name is out there.  She is an amazingly talented artist and we are proud to have her part of the ADS family.

Oh, what was that big project that ate up all of Jimmy’s time?

A full replica of the #12 Jurassic Park Jeep!  This is one of the most accurate replicas in existence of the Jeep Dennis Nedry used when he tried to escape with dinosaur embryos.  It was a projected created by another prop maker in NY and purchased by Jimmy for restoration.



We had a lot of fun with it at various Jurassic World movie theatres.  We already have several appearances scheduled in 2016 at regional conventions.


What else did you do?

Well, we went to this little thing called Star Wars Celebration 6.  That was a blast.  We didn’t bring costumes due to the distance, but Jimmy grabbed a few fun shots here and there.

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Of course, DragonCon!!!

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And Anime Weekend!

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These are just samples.  You can expect some great stuff coming out of the team in 2016.

Finding Nemo Seagulls

 | October 13, 2014 11:35 pm

This year, for DragonCon and Anime Weekend Atlanta, I wanted to have a couple of fun items.  I have always loved the Seagulls from Finding Nemo and love sitting outside The Living Seas at Epcot and listening to the ones there.  So I decided to make my own and drag a few people with me.  It has been a blast!  These are so much fun.  The birds were made by me and offered as kits to a group of friends.  Each person then made their own helmet to mount them on.  They work as simple puppets.  One string makes the wings flap and a second makes the beak work.  The “MINE, MINE, MINE” is all us yelling like idiots.  LOL


Anime Weekend Atlanta 2014

 | 11:12 pm

I love this con.  I really do.  Brandi and I have more fun at AWA than any other regular con.  It has a sense of fun others don’t always have.  This year AWA did some major changes to the layout and locations that really worked well.  I’ll cut to the chase with some pics. ~ Jimmy

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DragonCon 2014

 | 10:58 pm

DragonCon, DragonCon, DragonCon….what can I say about DragonCon?  It is massive.  It is fun.  It can wear you out.  This was a lower key year for us, but I find that is how DragonCon goes.  One great year, one low key year, and then back to great again.  The con really needs to work on finding a solution for their size vs location issue.  No one wants to see it leave the hotels, but it has outgrown the space.  Still, it is DragonCon, you gotta love it.

Pics by me ~ Jimmy

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 | 10:48 pm

Momo continues to surprise me with how much it grows each year.  As part of my “enjoy the con” promise to myself, I left the camera in the room for this one and just enjoyed the con.  Sorry, no real pics to share.  Just let it be know, it is a fun and fast growing convention. ~ Jimmy

Return to Megacon!

 | 10:47 pm

We made it back to Megacon!  This was an early staple with Brandi and I.  It was great to be able to return after several years.  Great costumes, awesome location (though crowded  in the new building, glad they are moving it back to the old one next year).  I would actually like to go back again just to shoot photography.  We got in some time in our own costumes, but I took a good number of shots from around the con.  I need to make a better point to take some of ourselves for these posts. – Jimmy

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MTAC 2014

 | 10:41 pm

Middle Tennessee Anime Con took place just outside of Nashville.  This was an “interesting” year as they were moved to a much smaller hotel location.  It was way to small for attendance.  That is something they will need to figure out next year.  That said, I had a blast hanging with our friends.  The hotel really reached out to the adult attendees with a free bar and breakfast!  Here are a few shots from the con including some of Brandi and our friend  Katrina ( in their Date A Live costumes as well as a few other shots from around the con. ~ Jimmy

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