Another Dragon Flies Past

 | September 6, 2008 4:15 pm

Wow.  So another DragonCon has flown past and is now nothing but a memory of good times past.  Strange.  I’ve been going to DragonCon since the mid 1990’s and it is always the one thing I spend the whole year waiting for only to have it go by so fast.  So fast.  We arrived early, think 10am, Thursday morning and were shocked to be in our room settled by 11am.  In past years, I’ve arrived early to get our room at the Hyatt only to wait for hours sitting in the lobby for a room to be available.  This year, we decided to stay at the Marriott and they were just, simply, amazing wonderful.  I don’t know where to begin.

Management at the Marriott should be awarded a medal for the absolutely amazing job they did at DC.  Security was completely provided by the hotel and they were wonderfully professional and polite.  Sure, they could be firm, but they thanked you for listening afterwards.  It was a shocking contrast to the militarized zone the Hyatt creates with hired Atlanta Police officers.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the police, but hordes of cops create a different atmosphere than guys in suites and ties.  The Police work a hard life and they have to be firm.  That kind of existance can make them seem very over the top when dealing with some of us geeks in our plastic and cardboard.

I could go on and on about the Marriott, they just did a great job.  Heck, even the lady that cleaned our room was absolutely awesome!!  “You want more towels?  Absolutely!”  Wow, just wow.

Over all it went by crazy fast and seemed a little off this year.  I think it was because of the radical changes that have taken place with the layout.  Years past it has always been the Hyatt.  That was where the party was at night, but that has now all moved over to the Marriott where they seem to welcome it and have 20x the footage available.  However, what DC has done is break up the mingling of fandoms.  The gamers are over in the Hyatt, the wild partiers are in the Sheraton, the cool kids are in the Marriott and the Goths are in the Hyatt.  It kind of breaks something that I think makes DC so great, the interaction of different communities in fandom.

In the past, you could expect a guy with a pocket for of D20s to be standing next to an amazingly hot goth girl who was talking to a guy in Colonial Marine armor who’s wife was in her Wolfe Pack Elite gear.  Now, they are kind of broken apart and paths don’t really cross.  We never made it to the Hyatt, other than to walk through it to get to another location, until Monday morning.  It was the first time all weekend that I suddenly felt like I was at DC again.  It was the memories of the Hyatt.  I saw my first goths and I was a little sad by it.

We didn’t get to see half the people we wanted to and got to hang out with even less.  I saw most of my 501st Garrison and got to spend some time with a few of them.  The 501st Mixer was amazing, but so packed I couldn’t get in until things were ending.  We didn’t get to spend anytime with our Cobra Cares friends.  We won’t make that mistake next year.  We got to spend some time with Reanna and Grant on Friday night, but again not enough time considering.

Things I was really happy about.  Reanna and Grant getting to costume as ANBU, very cool, just wish we had seen them in person.  Winning the Friday night Costume Contest along with Lynn in our Class and winning the Audience Choice as well.  The Doctor Steel rally on Sunday, that was a blast and can’t wait to do it bigger and better next year.  Top place goes to Joey and his YipYip.  Great guy, great costume and he totally got the attention he so deserved for it, just can’t believe someone else made one and entered the costume contest with it Sunday night.

Thats all for now.  Pictures are in the Gallery (click the view gallery link on the right under the preview pic).  Next up is Anime Weekend Atlanta, followed by our anniversary (OMG a Year already!!) trip to Disney and then Atlanta Super Con a new con in town in November.


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