Anime Weekend Atlanta 2014

 | October 13, 2014 11:12 pm

I love this con.  I really do.  Brandi and I have more fun at AWA than any other regular con.  It has a sense of fun others don’t always have.  This year AWA did some major changes to the layout and locations that really worked well.  I’ll cut to the chase with some pics. ~ Jimmy

6I1A0336 6I1A0366-Edit 6I1A0379 6I1A0385 6I1A0459 6I1A0463 6I1A0139 6I1A0144 6I1A0173 6I1A0184 6I1A0212 6I1A0227 6I1A0242 6I1A0319 6I1A0321 6I1A0333

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