| February 10, 2016 10:28 am

We seem to have lost some posts.  All our 2015 stuff is just…poof…gone!  Oh noes!  No worries.  I’ll share a few pics from the year.

Where to begin?  This was a busy year for us as we brought a new addition into the replica prop family.  The amount of money and time this took to get into shape ate up a large part of our year.  Brandi was still able to run out a few new costumes and updates, but Jimmy’s attention was all here.  Bill has been concentrating on getting his 3D printing and CNC skills up to date and should have some amazing stuff coming in 2016.  We also added Jess Winans to our formal list of members.  She has long been one of ours, but I just want to make sure her name is out there.  She is an amazingly talented artist and we are proud to have her part of the ADS family.

Oh, what was that big project that ate up all of Jimmy’s time?

A full replica of the #12 Jurassic Park Jeep!  This is one of the most accurate replicas in existence of the Jeep Dennis Nedry used when he tried to escape with dinosaur embryos.  It was a projected created by another prop maker in NY and purchased by Jimmy for restoration.



We had a lot of fun with it at various Jurassic World movie theatres.  We already have several appearances scheduled in 2016 at regional conventions.


What else did you do?

Well, we went to this little thing called Star Wars Celebration 6.  That was a blast.  We didn’t bring costumes due to the distance, but Jimmy grabbed a few fun shots here and there.

6I1A2051 6I1A2158


Of course, DragonCon!!!

6I1A2662-2 6I1A2787 6I1A3108 6I1A3192 6I1A3380


And Anime Weekend!

6I1A4450 6I1A4494


These are just samples.  You can expect some great stuff coming out of the team in 2016.

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